• Unimak Grupp OÜ

Our goal is to assist you in all your activities involving laundry or dry cleaning, from initial setup to after-sales service.


Solutions for your laundry service:

  • laundry planning and design – cooperating with equipment manufacturers, we help you prepare an optimal equipment layout, which the construction design team can later use to develop appropriate plumbing and power supply systems;
  • we help you choose an appropriate set of equipment based on input data;
  • we can recommend laundry equipment based on the application – dry cleaners, hospitals, hotels, self-service laundries, ship laundries, etc;
  • ALL our equipment includes transportation, installation, and training;
  • after-sales service plans are available;
  • in addition to equipment, we also provide professional cleaning chemicals (please refer to here) and all kinds of laundry supplies, from clothes hangers and brushes to laundry carts and laundry racks.


Our strengths include long-time experience, professional service and a local warehouse.