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Our vision

Unimak Grupp OÜ is a small private company, which has operated in the field of laundry and dry cleaning equipment import, sales, maintenance and service since 1994. We also provide every possible supply for laundry or dry cleaning operations, from cleaning chemicals to minor accessories.

What sets us apart from competition is the reliable and close cooperation we have achieved with equipment and chemical producers over the years. Our trained and qualified team provides our customers with personal support, responding quickly to various situations.

The mission of Unimak Grupp OÜ is to help new laundry operations throughout their planning, installation and training phases, to develop lasting business relations with our customers, and to be close to them also after the sales of equipment.

We are always ready to advise and assist.

About us
  • Unimak Grupp is a long-term partner of Sol Baltics OÜ. Sol Baltics OÜ makes no compromises in service quality or customer service and we expect the same from our partners. Throughout the years, Unimak Grupp has provided us with superior quality products, maintenance and customer service. We are grateful for this and look forward to our continuing pleasant cooperation.

    Sol Baltics OÜ, Anu Tiide

  • "Unimak has provided us with excellent service for almost 15 years, which speaks for itself.
    I have and will continue to turn to them for all our equipment needs, because of the sense of security their professional team is able to provide to us and our partners."

    Merle Pesukoda, Merle Tamjärv

  • Roheline Pesumaja was referred to Unimak Grupp by a partner. The first equipment order led to a second and a third one.
Now we have years of successful cooperation behind us.
Thanks to their extensive practical experience and expertise, employees of Unimak Grupp are able to assist both beginners and experienced laundry operators.
Help is provided in the fields of equipment, novel technologies, cleaning chemicals and stain removers. Furthermore, they provide us with all necessary laundry supplies.
    The competence of their maintenance team is to be commended. All problems are solved without delay, the work is done swiftly and tidily, and their staff is always polite.
    Unimak Grupp is a solid partner. Punctual, reliable, trustworthy. Friendly, warm, encouraging. They embrace the future and respect the past.

    Roheline Pesumaja, Maia-Krikk Jürgens