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In 2012, our long-term customer Merle decided to open her own dry cleaning operation along with wet cleaning capabilities. We discussed her plans with her and developed a set of equipment meeting her expectations. Because a new operation is often not able to secure financing for the purchase of the entire set of equipment, we divided the project into several phases. When the equipment arrived, we performed installation and training. As the customer uses SEITZ chemicals, she received special cleaning programmes for both wet and dry cleaning equipment.
ROTONDI EC.76 plekieemalduslaud ROTONDI 2003E triikimislaud  vaakumi ja puhuriga GMP lintkalander G.18-35 UNION XL8012S 12kg 3 paagiga keemilise puhastuse masin IPSO pesumasinad 10kg HC100, 23kg HF234 ja kuivatustrumlid DR25 9-11kg ja DR50 22-27kg IPSO pesumasinad 10kg HC100, 23kg HF234 IPSO kuivatustrumlid DR25 9-11kg ja DR50 22-27kg slider category
In 2010, a couple decided to start a dry cleaning operation in their home town Rapla. They have done successful business for 5 years now and have been purchasing equipment in several phases. In their case, we had to secure financing from Enterprise Estonia and through the PRIA public investment scheme.
Kuivatustrumlid IPSO DR-25 11kg ja DR-55 20kg IPSO kuivatustrummel DR-25 11kg ning pesumasin HC-100 10kg. IPSO HF-185 19kg, DR-55 20kg, DR-25 11kg ja HC-100 10kg Pesumasin-tsentrifuug IPSO HF-185 19kg Rotondi triikimislaud PVT-31 Rotondi plekieemalduslaud EC-76.H Rotondi aurumannekeen QAD-2
The Arabella hotel has had their own basement laundry since 2014. This enables the hotel to plan laundry more efficiently and to save on laundry services. We managed to fit all necessary equipment in the hotel basement. They have a SmartWave washer with automatic water and detergent dosing, a tumble dryer, and an ironing calendar.
IPSO pesumasin HD-165 16,5kg ja IPSO kuivatustrummel DR-35 17,4kg Pesumasin IPSO HD-165, 16,5kg, SmartWave automaatse vee- ja pesuainete doseerimissüsteemiga Triikimiskalander (rullkalander) GMP E160.30  1,6 meetrise rulli  laiusega